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    Garteneingang, 2001

    chromogenic development print
    9 13/16 x 8 5/16 inches on 13 x 11 1/2-inch paper
    Signed Edition of 70

    (Germany, b. 1956)

    Oliver Boberg's photographs are meticulously crafted illusions. Trained as a realist painter but frustrated by an ornamentality his painting seemed to manifest, Boberg turned to photography, seeking to create unerring representations of the world without relinquishing the satisfaction of craftsmanship. To do this, Boberg roams cities and towns taking snapshots of ordinary places-buildings, highways, parking lots. He distills and compiles details from his photographs that guide him in the production of a three-dimensional model of a stereotypical structure or place. Influenced by film and the trickery of stage sets, Boberg works like a set designer, creating his structures from photographs but also from memory. Highly attuned to the fact that the end product will be a single image, Boberg constructs his miniature stages in such a way that they can be understood from only one point of view-that of his camera.

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