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    Plantation, El Centro, California, 1987/92
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    (Spain Born 1935)

    Plantation, El Centro, California was part of the exhibition Truths & fictions: A Journey From Documentary to Digital Photography, a collection of work which toured from 1994 through 1997 and was published in both book and CD-ROM form in 1995. Truths and Fictions groups together what might more commonly be called straight and digitally-altered images but which Meyer refers to as found and made images. This arrangement calls into question the origin of all the pictures, questioning the veracity of each and highlighting the fact that photographs are not true as documents but as representations of how we understand the world. That is to say, Meyer does not change his pictures in order to deceive, but in order to point out things we might otherwise never see. Truth, as interpreted by Meyer, is nothing so cold as impartial documentation or the unmediated record of a machine. Rather, it is a fidelity to personal response and its attendant perceptions and interpretations. The base image of "Plantation, El Centro, California" is a found image from 1987, the year in which a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship allowed Meyer to travel and photograph across the United States. The final picture takes advantage of digital tools to create an image, which suggests memory, and the connection between people and the places they live. He earned a BA from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusets in 1953. The first retrospective of his work was held in 1973 at the Instituto Mexicano-Norteamericano de Relaciones Culturales de la Ciudad de MÙxico.

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