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    Logged Area Near Yaak Valley, Montana, 1999
    chromogenic development print
    10 x 10 inches on 14 x 11 inch paper
    Signed (No edition number)

    (United States Born 1944)

    For the past twenty-two years, Terry Evans has investigated landscape, specifically the prairie, from its natural state to its use, abandonment, and care. Photographing from both ground and aerial perspectives, she focuses on the issues of specific places and the broader geographical context of ecological, economic, agricultural, and cultural patterns in the landscape. Evans's pictures combine beauty with a heightened awareness of mankind's use and destruction of the land. Currently Evans is concentrating on photographing nineteenth-century plant and animal specimens from the prairie that are stored in vaults at the Field Museum and the Smithsonian Institution, thereby creating a further layer in her investigation of the indigenous landscape. In 1996 Evans was awarded a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship.

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