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    Sea of Cheju at Night, 1997
    gelatin silver print
    6 3/8 x 13 inches

    Edition of 50

    (Korea, born 1950)

    Bae Bien-U's photographs represent the artist's desire to reassert nature's presence in a society increasingly defined by technological change. His seascapes incorporate the most elementary components- the sea, sky, horizon line, and a few scattered lights from fishing boats- to emphasize the natural world as the connection between mankind and the heavens. The resulting elegant components present a meditation on Korean aesthetics and philosophy about life and death. Born in Yosu, Korea in 1950, Bae Bien-U is a self-taught photographer. He holds a BFA and MFA degree in graphic design from Hongik University in Seoul, and received a research fellowship in 1998 to work in Bielefied Germany. Currently a professor of photography at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, Bae has participated since 1982 in group exhibitions and solo exhibitions at many international venues, including Ausstelling der Stadt, Bamburg Germany, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul; The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo; The Power Plant, Toronto; Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyongju, Korea and the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College, Chicago, IL.

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